6/18/1976  Rancho Cordova

23 year-old woman. Description: dark t-shirt; dirty white or gray mask with two eye holes and seam down front, gloves, naked from waist down. 5 feet 9 inches, 165-170 pounds, dark hair on arms and legs; slim but muscular; small penis. Victim estimated EAR stayed about 20 minutes. EAR brought two pieces pre-cut twine. Weapon: knife. House was ransacked. Told victim “You’d better have money!” From the living room heard whispering and EAR say “I told you to shut up!” although she sensed he was the only other person in the house. EAR took ten dollars; three or four silver dollars; several packs of Winston cigarettes. Cement birdbath and wood block in back yard placed beneath phone line; apparently EAR had tried and failed to cut phone line. EAR chipped away wood on back door jamb to pry door. Bottle of baby oil and two balled up towels found in bathroom. Victim received two hang up calls prior to assault and five or six more in the two weeks after.


7/17/1976 Carmichael

15 and 16 year-old sisters. 16 year-old bound and struck on the head several times but not raped. Description: light brown mask with eye holes; corduroy pants; patterned shirt; “waffle stomper” shoes (taken to mean hiking boots). Spoke in angry whisper through clenched teeth.15 year-old rape victim estimated his age at 18-20. EAR brought four lengths of pre-cut cord. Older sister awakened by EAR sitting on her back. Threatened her with knife; bound her; threatened to kill her numerous times; told her he was only going to steal some things and leave in a half hour. Younger sister awakened by EAR's hand over her mouth; threatened with knife; rolled out of bed and ran to hallway but was chased by EAR and hit on back of head several times. Hands bound behind back; was told You do everything I want and I’ll fill my bag and leave. Ankles bound; gagged with sock. Dragged victim back to bedroom and put her on bed. Told her If you move or make the bed twinge I’ll kill you. Ransacked house; returned to room several times. Blindfolded her with towel. Left room and returned after 15 minutes; straddled victim and placed lubricated penis in her bound hands; said Play with it; play with it. Victim could smell baby lotion. She was raped four times with EAR stopping to wander the house, rummage through drawers, etc. Told victim “I knew when I saw you at the junior prom I had to fuck you.” Victim knew he was lying as she had photo of herself at prom on dresser. After final assault EAR asked. “Where’s the doctors drugs? I looked in the refrigerator and they’re not there,” referring to victims' father. Acted as if frustrated because she didn't know. When he did not return after 30 minutes victims freed themselves. Two empty beer cans found in kitchen brought by EAR to scene, footprints outside older sister’s window, entrance made by prying sliding glass door.


8/29/1976 Rancho Cordova

41 year-old woman and two daughters,12 and 15. Description: brown T-shirt, black leather gloves, belt-wide, shiny leather, similar to lineman's, dark brown leather boots, ankle high, nylon mask with slit for eyes, no pants. 5' 10", slim, 18-20 years old. legs somewhat muscular, slight tan, no hair noticeable on legs, "military bearing". Weapons: revolver and short club (12" long). Mother felt he wasn't particularly strong and could have overpowered him if he didn't have weapons. Mother managed to fight EAR off despite being struck several times on head and shoulders with club. EAR told them he only wanted their money. Mother escaped through front door, followed by 12 year-old before EAR could bind them. 15 year-old heard the noise and escaped through bedroom window. EAR ran across street, hid in bushes, watched three would-be victims enter neighbor’s house, then walked casually away down the street, witness noticed suspect was naked from the waist down.


9/4/1976 Citrus Heights

29 year-old woman. Description: gray flannel hood with eye holes possibly home made, dark green t-shirt, black imitation leather gloves, black belt. 5' 8", slim build, small penis. Victim was at parents' house (parents out of town) doing laundry, finished and was about to get in car to leave when EAR approached her from behind, put hand on her shoulder. When victim turned around EAR punched her in nose, breaking it. Dragged victim into house. Weapon: knife. Victim bound with shoelaces, sqaure knot under a half hitch, and blindfolded. Lubricated self with lotion, placed penis in victim's bound hands as usual. EAR remained in house 2 1/2 hours. Repeatedly theatened to kill her. Told victim he needed money and was going to Bakersfield. Mentioned he was in the army. Before leaving, tied victim to patio post. Stole victim's car, which was found approximately 1 mile from scene. Numerous reports of prowlers and burglaries in neighborhood.


10/5/1976 Citrus Heights

29 year-old woman; Toddler, 3. Description: khaki mask with eye holes. 5' 9", medium weight, 30-40 years-old, small penis.Weapon: knife. Approximately 1 week prior to attack victim's home had been broken into. Junk jewelry belonging to neighbor found in home, single black sock belonging to husband found in field behind house. Victim had also received crank phone calls prior, in one caller told her "I'm going to kill your husband." EAR told victim “Shut up. All I want is your money. I won’t hurt you. Shut up and stay there. Cooperate and you won’t get hurt. I have a knife.” Victim bound with shoelaces, diamond knot used. Blindfolded with torn strip of towel. 3 year-old bound hand and feet with strips of towel and placed on floor. Once bound, told victim “Shut up or I’ll use this knife. I swear I’ll use this knife.” Victim repeatedly told to "shut up" when attempting to speak. Told victim,  “Do it like you do with the captain. You looked good at the Officers’ Club.” Victim's husband was an Air Force captain, victim in Air Force reserves, stationed at Travis Air Force Base. EAR told victim he was going to make something to eat, victim could hear frying pan being used in kitchen. House ransacked, $160 taken. Bloodhound tracked scent from child's bedroom window, to backyard fence, across field where it ended at a curb across from two houses. At one house a man reported seeing a green Chevrolet coupe parked at the curb shortly before 7:00 am, car was gone by 7:00 am when he left for work. Another neighbor reported seeing, 4-5 days prior to incident, around 6:15 am a man 30-40, 5' 9", 170 pounds with thick, dark hair standing in her driveway beside her car, the two looked at each other a few moments before man walked across the street to a green Chevrolet Vega-type car and drove away. Reports of burglaries in the area.


10/9/1976 Rancho Cordova

Woman, late teens. Victim did not get a good look at EAR, but said he wore black, square-toed, patent leather shoes. Estimated age based on voice to be 22-27 years old. Woke victim up with hand over her mouth, told her "Don't scream or I will kill you." Hands bound behind back, gagged, blindfolded. Walked her to back covered patio, forced her onto a rug and bound her feet. Made several trips back and forth from inside house to patio. Asked her where money was. Said he needed "a fix". House was ransacked. Victim assaulted 3 times. EAR tied her to a pole on the patio before leaving. Told her if she screamed after he left he would hear since he lived down the street and would return and kill her. EAR had cut clothesline from victim's back yard and tied it to a bathroom faucet, running it down the hallway, tying it to doorknobs and making a criss-cross pattern in such a way that opening the doors from within the rooms would have been prevented.


10/18/1976 Carmichael

Woman, home with 10 year-old son and 4 year-old daughter. 4 year-old slept through attack undisturbed. Description: black mask, black and white gloves, T-shirt, tennis shoes, no pants, small penis. Weapon: knife. Stuttered when speaking. 10 year-old boy was taking his anxious, barking dog outside to the back yard when he spotted EAR through the kitchen window. Boy let dog outside, which barked at EAR, who climbed to top of fence and sat, waiting. Soon EAR climbed back off fence and through kitchen window. Boy ran to wake mother, who tried calling operator but got no answer. Soon EAR is in room. Threatened woman with knife, said "Do exactly as I tell you or I’ll kill you. I’ll butcher you all to pieces." Asked who else was in house. Ordered son back to his bedroom, took mother to living room. Tied victim hands and feet with cords cut from the venetian blinds. Ripped strips from towel to blindfold and gag her. Returned to boy's room and tied him to headboard. Told victim all he wanted was money along with threats of death. Between assaults ransacked house, ate food in kitchen, left behind 2 Coors beer cans not from victim's house. Victim told EAR he was a good lover as psychological tactic, EAR said "Most people just laugh at me",also said something happened to his face. In 1991 victim received phone call, caller said “You know who this is.” She was positive it was EAR.


10/18/1976 Rancho Cordova

29 year-old woman. Victim was bound and gagged, but not raped. Description: mask fashioned from gray wool sock with eye holes, ¾-length, heavy, gray jacket with buttons, brown wool gloves, brown desert boots. Estimated at 6 feet tall, 170 pounds. Victim had just pulled into her driveway and turned off car engine when EAR reached through window, covered her mouth, said "Don't move or I'll kill you." Held knife to victim's throat, told her he only wanted her car and money. Pulled victim out of car and into backyard, then into neighbor's backyard (who were not home as they normally would have been at this time), victim saw rags laid out which EAR used to gag and blindfold her. Victim forced to lay down, EAR continued to threaten her with knife, at one point warned her that if she moved "Blam, blam, blam", although victim did not believe he had a gun. Also warned her if she moved he would slit her throat and cut out her guts. After a few moments of silence victim heard her car start and drive away. Car found a few blocks away, victim's dog locked in trunk.


11/10/1976 Citrus Heights

16 year-old girl. Victim was taken to a nearby drainage ditch and bound, but no rape occurred. Description: leather hood with slit for eyes, heavy coat, military fatigues, tan, soft leather gloves, black, square-toed boots, dark leg hair, brown hair, pale complexion, dark eyes, 5' 10", 165 pounds, 18-23 years old. Foul odor, possibly breath. Carried small flashlight. Weapon: knife, possibly taken from victim's kitchen. Led victim through ditch to tree stump, repeatedly told her to "shut up" when she asked questions, at one point told her  “Shut up. If you’re not quiet, you’ll be silent forever, and I will be gone in the dark.” Cut and tore victim's clothes off, when he had trouble doing this said “This isn’t working right.” Asked victim, "Don't I know you from somewhere?", asked victim what her name was, victim gave false name, asked if she attended American River College. Victim was high school student and said so, EAR accused her of lying. Repeatedly paced back and forth. Possibly had confused victim with neighbor who bore strong resemblance to her and did attend ARC. Before leaving told victim “Within twenty minutes, make one move and you’ll be silent forever and I’ll be gone in the dark of the night.” Victim and neighbors had received crank phone calls prior to incident.


12/18/1976 Fair Oaks

15 year-old girl. Parents were at Christmas party. Description: dark colored nylon ski type jacket, dark red ski mask, perhaps 6 feet tall, regular build. Girl was playing piano in the house when EAR confronted her with a knife to the throat. Told her, “Make a move and I’ll kill you. Do you have any money in the house? When are your parents coming back? You better tell me so I will know how much time I have.” Took victim to utility room saying, “Get moving. If you say anything or flinch I’ll push the knife all the way in and I will be gone in the dark of the night.” Took victim to backyard and bound her with shoelaces, blindfolded and gagged with torn strips of towel. Ransacked house. Victim heard sound of paper bag. Victim was raped 3 times, moved between parents' bed and  but later examination found hymen still intact. Before leaving EAR tied victim to picnic table, on table was found a Band-Aid with blood, type A+. Victim reported receiving hang up phone calls for about 3 weeks prior to assault.


1/18/1977 Sacramento

25 year-old woman. Description: dark mask, dark, possibly polyester pants, leather gloves, dark, lightweight jacket, had small flashlight. 5' 11", 180 pounds. Told victim  “Be quiet. I won’t hurt you. All I want is your money. Just your money, and I’ll be gone.” Weapon: knife. Victim bound with cut electrical cord, blindfolded with bandanna. House ransacked. Ate food in kitchen. EAR took jewelry, some money, digital clock. Took victim's car, car later found a few blocks from scene in an apartment complex, locked, keys missing. A number of prowler reports in the area prior to the attack.


1/24/1977 Citrus Heights

25 year-old woman. EAR had strong, foul odor, victim estimated he was 30-40 years old, wore gloves. Removed gloves during first assault. Used victim's first name several times.Weapon: icepick. Ransacked house, ate food in kitchen, cheese with teeth marks found as well as 2 empty cans of Coors beer. Bloodhound tracked suspect's scent out back door and for two blocks before losing it.


2/7/1977 Carmichael

30 year-old woman, 7 year-old daughter. Description: dark green mask, black pants, white jockey shorts, dark blue nylon jacket, black leather gloves, red, white, and blue tennis shoes. 5' 11", 185 pounds, hairy, very pale legs, 18-23 years old. Weapon: gun and knife. Told victim, “Don’t scream or I’ll shoot you. I just want your money. I don’t want to hurt you.” Used shoelaces to bind her.  Victim managed to resist EAR for some time, at one point got ahold of his gun while hands still bound. EAR told her “Shut up or I’ll kill your daughter. I’ll cut off her ear and bring it to you,” when EAR subdued her again he angrily stabbed the bed beside her head repeatedly. As a result of the struggle, investigators managed to obtain a sample of the suspect's blood from the victim's hair. Numerous prowlers and crank phone calls reported in the neighborhood prior to attack.


3/8/1977 Carmichael

37 year-old woman. Victim did not see EAR, no physical description. EAR said to victim, “Do you feel this butcher knife? If you scream or anything, I’ll kill you. All I want is your money. I won’t hurt you if you don’t scream.” Removed gloves during assault. Victim felt he enjoyed binding her more than the sex act. Bound her with black and brown shoelaces. Victim had experienced crank calls and prowler activity prior. Cigarette butts found outside of house. Neighbor across the street from victim reported finding a bag in hedge containing a ski mask, gloves, and flashlight.


3/18/1977 Rancho Cordova

16 year-old girl, parents out of town. Description: dark green canvas mask, dark green nylon jacket, gloves, dark shoes. 5' 9", 25-30 years old, small penis. Weapon: hatchet with green handle. Victim returned home from work and was calling a friend on phone when EAR confronted her saying “Don’t scream or I’ll kill you. Don’t look at me or I’ll kill you.” Ordered victim to lay on floor, bound her with brown shoelaces. Cut strips of towel with scissors, used these to gag and blindfold victim. Left when knock heard at front door. Ransacked house, ate food in kitchen, left behind 2 empty Dr. Pepper cans. Victim had received numerous crank calls prior to the attack, so many that her mother had taken to blowing a whistle into the telephone. The day of the attack, between 4:15 pm and 5:00 pm, the Sacramento Sheriff's Department received three phones calls from someone claiming to be the East Area Rapist. During the last he stated, “I’m the East Area Rapist, and I have my next victim already stalked. You guys can’t catch me," followed by laughter. Neighbors reported prowlers, unfamiliar vehicles, and crank calls.


4/2/1977 Orangevale

Woman, man, woman's two children, 7 and 8, were undisturbed. This was the first time EAR attacked when a man was present in the home. Description: white mask, possibly a ski mask, dark, nylon windbreaker, tight fitting leather gloves. Heavy thighs with rough hair, as if shaved, 5' 10", medium build. Weapons: gun and knife. Awoke female victim with flashlight, said "See the gun in my hand? “Don’t move. Turn over onto your stomach. I have a .45 with 14 shots and two clips.” Ordered woman to tie man using shoestrings, told them “All I want is your money. If you cooperate I’ll be out of here in a couple of minutes EAR wandered house, ransacking, returned with dishes which he stacked on man's back telling him if he heard them move or bed squeak he would kill the woman. Moved woman to living room, placed her on floor and stacked dishes on her back as well. Ate food in house. Asked female if she had had sex that night, she lied, telling him "no". Placed high heeled shoes on victim before second assault. While he was there EAR also stated, “After I take the money I’m going to my camp by the American River." "I was in the Army and I fucked a lot when I was there." "Don’t make any sudden moves or I’ll kill you like I did some people in Bakersfield.” Before leaving EAR whispered in man's ear “Next place, next town.” Took money from the woman's purse and man's wallet but left it on the kitchen counter. Family dog, which habitually barked at strangers, was silent while EAR was there. Bloodhound tracked suspect's scent three blocks before losing it near a major thoroughfare. Suspicious vehicles, prowlers, and burglaries were reported in the area up to three months before the attack. Victim and at least one female neighbor had received crank phone calls.


4/15/1977 Carmichael

19 year-old woman and man. Description: mask (undetermined color), green khaki nylon jacket, dark pants, army boots, black leather gloves. 5' 9"-5' 10", dark blond hair, straight, collar length. Weapon: gun and knife. EAR woke victims with flashlight, said “Don’t look over this way or I’ll kill you. Roll over on your stomach. Do you know what a .45 magnum is? I’ll blow your brains all over the room with it if you don’t do what I tell you." EAR indicated black shoelaces, said “All I want is your money and nobody will get hurt. Tie up your husband." Placed dishes on man's back, said “If I hear the dishes fall, I’ll kill her first." Male attempted to loosen bindings causing dishes to fall, EAR pressed gun against his head, said “You do that again and I’ll kill you." Again the dishes feel, EAR put covers over his head, said “Don’t move or I’ll kill her." EAR asked female where her prescription pain medication was, saying he needed a fix and gasping, victim felt this was an act, empty pill bottle found in kitchen sink, wet pills in plastic bag found in neighbor's backyard. EAR ate in kitchen, took half gram of cocaine, small amount of marijuana, pill bottle containing 2 beans. 2 empty can Miller beer found outside home. House across the street from victims was vacant and for sale, a laundry room inside granted a clear view of victims' house, on floor were cigarette butts and tennis shoe prints.


5/3/1977 Sacramento

Woman, man, two children left undisturbed. Description: light brown mask, either stocking or ski mask, gloves, puffy ski jacket, 5' 8"-5' 9", 165 pounds, small penis. EAR woke victims, told them he only wanted money, bound them then made threats, specifically that he would kill them and get away to his camp across the levee. Covered man's head with sheets, placed jewelry box and dishes on back. Asked victim for cocaine, later shivered and stopped abruptly but victim felt this was an act. EAR asked female if she was in the service, she replied yes, Air Force, EAR responded that he had been "thrown out". Victims lived in a two-story home-this was the first time EAR attacked in a two-story. Dog tracked scent to nearby levee where a knife from victims' kitchen was found, also 2 empty beer cans which may have been left by suspect. Victim and neighbors reported receiving hang-up calls prior to attack. Burglaries also reported in area.


5/5/1977 Orangevale

25 year-old woman, 34 year-old man. Attack occurred at the man's house. Description: light brown ski mask, light brown gloves, dark blue navy style jacket, brown pullover sweater. Weapon; gun and knife. EAR confronted the victims in driveway as man was walking woman to her car, pointed .45 handgun at them and ordered them back into the house. Told them he only wanted money. Bound them with shoelaces brought to scene, dishes on back, death threats. Ate in kitchen. Zippo lighter found at scene, as well as 1 empty Coors can, a knife, chewed gum with hair stuck to it.


5/14/1977 Citrus Heights

Woman and man, Description: mask fashioned from nylon stocking, 5' 9"-5' 10", slightly stocky build, dark brown shoulder or collar length hair. Weapon: gun and knife. EAR woke victims with flashlight, told them “You make a sound and I’ll kill you. I have a .45 and I’ll kill you if you move,” also, “I’m going to take your money and I want some food. Then, I’ll leave in my van.”  EAR took some rings from female victim's hand and a few Canadian coins. Victim experienced prowler activity and hang up calls soon after moving into the home. A few days prior to the attack a neighborhood resident reported someone on their roof around 1 am. Other prowler activity reported in the area as well as hang-up calls. One neighbor reported finding a plastic bag containing gloves and a flashlight under her window around Christmastime.


5/17/1977 Carmichael

26 year-old woman and man. 2 children and grandfather visiting from Italy undisturbed. Description: grey or beige ski mask, light brown leather gloves, 5' 8"-5' 9", small penis. Weapon: gun and knife from victim's kitchen. Bound victims with shoelaces, placed dishes on backs. Seemed to stutter when excited. Ransacked house, ate food in kitchen. EAR told wife, “Those fuckers. Those fuckers, those pigs. I’ve never killed before but I’m going to kill now. Listen, do you hear me? I want you to tell those fuckers, those pigs, I’m going home to my apartment. I have bunches of televisions. I’m going to listen to the radio and watch television, and if I hear about this, I’m going to go out tomorrow night and kill two people. People are going to die.” paradoxically told husband, "You tell those fucking pigs that I could have killed two people tonight. If I don’t see that all over the papers and television, I’ll kill two people tomorrow night." Victims' dog that usually barked at strangers was silent throughout attack. 3 partially empty containers of cheese crackers and empty beer cans found in backyard. Victim received some hang-up phone calls prior to attack, neighbors reported hang-up calls, unfamiliar vehicles, suspicious men, and prowlers. On December 9, 1977 female victim received a phone call from someone she was certain was EAR, he said "Merry Christmas, it's me again." 7 months prior to attack male victim had made a scene at a town hall meeting devoted to the EAR attacks months before, berating the Sheriff's Department and boasting that in Italy it would have been taken care of quickly.


5/28/1977 Sacramento

Woman and man; child left undisturbed in his bedroom. Victims had only lived in the house 2 or 3 weeks. Description: red ski mask with eye holes and mouth hole, bulky, dark colored jacket, dark pants, black gloves. 5' 9"-5' 10", 160-170 pounds, small penis. Weapon: gun, knife. Woke victims with flashlight, said “Lay perfectly still or I will kill all of you. I will kill you, I will kill her, and I will kill your little boy.” Bound victims with shoelaces, placed dishes on victims' backs, blidfolded female with torn strips of towel, ate food in kitchen. Before leaving EAR told female victim, “I have something for you to tell the fucking pigs.They got it mixed up last time. I said I would kill two people. I’m not going to kill you. If this is on the TV or in the papers tomorrow, I’ll kill two people. Are you listening?” Stuttered when he said "listening". Said, "I have T.V’s in my apartment and I’ll be watching them. If this is on the news, I’ll kill two people." Sobbed and also said "It scares my mommy when it's on the news." Interestingly, on 5/17 the Sacramento Bee ran a story on EAR mentioning his contradictory statements at the last attack and parts of a psychological profile of the suspect, including his likely having a "domineering mother". Empty wine bottle and 2 sausage wrappers found on patio.


9/6/1977 Stockton

Woman and man; 7 year-old boy undisturbed, 6 year-old girl woke to go to bathroom, EAR told her “I’m playing a game with your parents. Do you want to help?” The girl ignored him and went back to bed. Description: brown ski mask, purple short-sleeved shirt with zipper, black knit gloves. Strong, unpleasant body odor reported by female victim. 5'9", 150-160 pounds. Under hypnosis the girl described a tattoo on EAR's left  forearm resembling the Schlitz malt liquor bull, black with white horns and a belt buckle with two revolvers, barrels crossed, imprinted on it. Brought what was possibly an old-fashioned style medical bag to scene. Weapon: gun and knife. EAR told female victim he had seen her in the store. Said he needed things for his apartment a few blocks away. Shortly after EAR left victims heard what sounded like a Volkswagen engine starting up and leaving. Can of Pepsi found on back porch, jar of peanut butter on kitchen counter, both taken from refrigerator. EAR took took five silver dollars, rings, cufflinks, tie pin. Suspicious vehicles, prowlers, and crank phone calls reported in the area.


10/1/1977 Rancho Cordova

17 year-old girl, 20 year-old man. Description: nylon stocking mask, dark colored knit cap, black vinyl or leather jacket, black leather gloves, 5' 9", 170 pounds, 21-35 years old, foul body odor. Weapon: gun and knife. Couple bound with shoelaces, female moved to a separate room and blindfolded, dishes on backs. EAR returned to bedroom several times and put gun to male's head, cocking it. A shotgun belonging to the the male victim was found unloaded. Victims heard doorbell ring at some point during the attack, EAR went outside for several minutes. At another point the female victim said she heard a car honk twice, then twice again after a few minutes. After a few more minutes she heard the doorbell ring five times, followed by knocking on a window. She heard muffled voices, one of which sounded female.


10/21/1977 Sacramento

32 year-old woman, man; 10 year-old daughter, undisturbed. Description: dark colored ski mask with plastic trim, gloves possibly leather or smooth plastic, possibly surgical gloves. 5' 10", fit, penis “fairly large around with a very small head.” Bound victims with shoelaces, dishes placed on back. Female victim heard ear sobbing in kitchen after first assault, then crying after second. Some stuttering when EAR spoke, told victim, “My buddy is in the car waiting. Tell the pigs I will be back New Years Eve.” EAR ate in kitchen, 3 empty cans of Miller beer not belonging to victims found. Prior to attack victims had found garage door open on two occasions, once a sliding glass door had been open. Neighbors reported crank calls and prowlers 2-3 weeks before assault.


10/29/1977 Sacramento

Woman and man; Description: corduroy pants, burgundy socks, nylon jacket, tennis shoes blue with white soles, white stripe across toe, badly worn and dirty. Weapon: gun and knife. Victims had lived in home for 2 1/2 weeks, their home was the only one in neighborhood not under construction. EAR woke male victim by tapping him on the foot with gun, told them he only wanted food and money for his van. EAR said, “Don’t move or I’ll blow your fucking brains out. I know you’ve got a gun in a drawer in here somewhere, and if you move I’ll blow your fucking brains out. I know you’ve got a gun in here somewhere." Victim's gun was later found on floor beneath bed comforter, unloaded. Bullets found in neighbor's yard. At one point EAR could be heard from the kitchen sobbing, “I’m sorry Mommy. Mommy, please help me. I don’t want to do this, Mommy. Someone please help me.” Male victim heard him sob "Oh, mom." Victims also heard sounds of what was possibly a canvas bag with zipper.


11/10/1977 Sacramento

13 year-old girl, 56 year-old woman. Description: black ski mask, long sleeved, plaid shirt with red, white, green, dark, tight-fitting pants and gloves, 5' 6"-5' 11", 25 years old, medium to slim build. Weapon: knife. Woman bound and dishes placed on her back. Bound girl, blindfolded and gagged her with strips of towel, but girl stuck out tongue to prevent being fully gagged. Girl was intended target, both victims maintained no rape occurred. Both victims refused to go along with EAR's intent to terrorize them, providing unsatisfactory responses to him. ex: EAR placed knife behind girl's ear and threatened to cut it off, to which she responded "I don't care." Reports of prowlers and hang-up calls in neighborhood.


12/2/1977 Sacramento

36 year-old woman, 6 year-old girl. Description: dark clothing, gloves that felt like surgical gloves to victim, under 6 feet tall, medium to thin build, 20-25 years old. Victim was bound, gagged, and blindfolded. EAR referred to "little boy" asleep in another room, mistaking victim's daughter for son. No sexual assault occurred, possibly because of noise from kids playing outside house at the time. EAR repeatedly made threats toward victim, wandered house, and looked out window towards kids outside. When suspect left victim heard what she thought was a van start up and drive away.


1/28/1978 Carmichael

14 and 15 year-old girls. Description: dark ski mask, dark, bulky coat, ski gloves, 5' 9", 150-160 pounds, possibly in his 30's, small penis. Weapon: gun and knife. Suspect forced his way through front door while victims were asleep. Woke 15 year-old saying, “Get all of your money or I’ll kill you.” Made older sister wake the 14 year-old. After binding the victims with shoelaces EAR told them,  “Don’t talk or move or I’ll cut your throat and slip away in the fog.” Asked them what time parents would be home. Also said, "I don't want to do this anymore. She's making me do it." Besides money, EAR took two photos of the 14 year-old victim and a pair of dimes with two small holes drilled in them so they could be worn as earrings.


3/18/1978 Stockton

Woman and man. Description: ski mask, black cotton button-up shirt, black leather gloves with fur lining, shoulder holster on right side of chest, 5' 10", 160 pounds, 26 years-old, small penis. Weapon: gun and knife. Woke victims with flashlight. Told them “I won’t hurt you, just be quiet. All I want is your money and food so I can live a little longer,” also,  “This is a .357 Magnum you see and I’ll blow your head off.” Bound victims with brown shoelaces, dishes on male's back. EAR was heard sobbing at one point. 2 empty beer cans found in yard. EAR Took her driver’s license, 13 dollars in cash,two jars containing 150 dollars in change, earrings, rings, watch, high school photo of female victim. Victim and neighbors had experienced prowlers and wrong number/hang-up phone calls.


4/14/1978 Sacramento

15 year-old girl, 8 year-old girl (undisturbed). Description: mask, blue plaid flannel shirt, dark blue windbreaker, gloves, slightly taller than 5' 6", small penis. Weapon: gun and icepick. EAR entered by kicking in back door. Used victim's name when telling her "I've wanted to rape you for a long time." Phone rang during assault, EAR forced victim to answer it and hang up. EAR led victim to patio, heard car pull up, victim's father called out "Who's there?" victim responded "Dad!" EAR left. Victim's hymen left intact, no penetration.


6/5/1978 Modesto

27 year-old woman, man; child (undisturbed). Description: dark clothes, possibly one piece, rough leather or plastic gloves, 6 feet tall, 20's, smelled of beer (no beer in house). Weapon: knife and gun. Victims bound with shoelaces. When husband bound EAR taunted him, saying "I'm going to rape your wife." EAR took 1,500 dollars cash.


6/7/1978 Davis

21 year-old woman. Description: dark blue or black nylon stocking mask, black knit ski cap, dark blue t-shirt worn inside-out, light brown corduroy pants, tennis shoes, 6 feet tall, 175 pounds, light brown hair, short fingernails, rough thumbs (possibly callused hands) small penis (never fully erect). Weapon: screwdriver and nail file. Bound victim with shoelaces. Victim screamed and resisted throughout attack. EAR told her, “Don’t move, don’t scream, or you won’t see any of your friends again. And I mean any of your friends.”  EAR punched her in face several times, broke her nose.


6/23/1978 Modesto

Woman and man. Description: dark knit ski mask, possibly wearing t-shirt and tennis shoes, had a zippered bag, under 6 feet, small build, small penis. Bound victims with shoelaces brought to scene as well as pulled from shoes in the house, blindfolded them with torn strips of towel, placed dishes on bed. Repeated threats such as “If you’re going to make your move you better make it good because I’m going to blow your fucking brains out.” The day prior to the assault a cab driver had driven a man he described as a white male, 30-35, 5' 9", medium build, with light brown hair from a United Airlines terminal to a vacant field in the vicinity of the attack. The driver watched the man, who carried a plaid cloth bag with a zipper top, walk across the field in the general direction of the victim's house.


6/24/1978 Davis

32 year-old woman, man, 10 year-old child locked in bathroom, otherwise unharmed, two other children slept through attack undisturbed. Description: dark clothes, 5' 10", thin to medium build, heavy thighs, hairy buttocks, thin penis. Weapons: gun and ice pick. Called female victim by a nickname not written down anywhere in the house. Suspect heard sobbing. 10 year-old came out of bedroom, was placed in bathroom with cup and saucer on doorknob, warned not to knock it off. Police dog tracked suspect's scent to University of Davis airport. Dark blue suede jacket, brand Golden Bear, found beside neighbor's house.


7/6/1978 Davis

33 year-old woman, 5 year-old boy, 7 year-old boy (children undisturbed). Description: ski mask, strong cigarette odor. Weapon: gun and knife EAR woke victim with flashlight in eyes. Told her he needed food and money for his van. Some rooms in house ransacked. At one point suspect sobbed, said “I hate you. I hate you. I hate you Bonnie (possibly "mommy").” EAR took 27 dollars cash and some postage stamps. On July 17, a house sitter found a knife inside a Velveeta box in the victim's refrigerator.


10/7/1978 Concord

26 year-old woman, 29 year-old man, infant (undisturbed). Description: ski mask, corduroy pants, suede gloves. Weapon: gun and knife. Told victims he only wanted food and money. At one point said "My main man wants gold and silver." Told female I’ll cut off your baby’s ear and bring it to you.” EAR took around 4,000 dollars worth of jewelry, dishes, utensils, appliances, camera equipment, and other items.October 8 a neighbor of the victims found a security badge in their yard; badge had California state seal, words "special officer", manufactured by Hookfast Specialists Company, Rhode Island. Prowlers and crank phone calls reported in area.


10/13/1978 Concord

29 year-old woman, 30 year old man, 8 year-old girl. Description: black ski mask, long sleeved shirt, black pants, grey suede gloves, black lace up round-toed shoes, 5' 10". Weapon: gun and knife. Told victims "I just want food and money for my girlfriend and me," also  "All we want is food and money and we'll get the hell out of here." 8 year-old awoke during attack and was put in bathroom, dresser in front of door, by suspect. EAR was heard in the garage saying "Here, put this in the car." A bicycle stolen from a neighbor the night of the attack was found 3 days later in some bushes at a nearby apartment complex. Prowlers and crank calls reported in area.


10/28/1978 San Ramon

Woman and man. Description: tan or beige nylon stocking mask, blue nylon jacket missing a button, beige gloves, blue suede tennis shoes with white stripe across toes, dark blue ribbed dress socks. 5' 10"-6', 165 pounds, dark hair, 20-30 years old. Told victims, "I want your money. All your money. I know you have some. I’ll kill you if you don’t tell me where it is." Told female he had seen her at "the lake". At one point when female victim asked for a glass of water EAR brought one and threw it in her face. EAR left shortly after female told him a limo was due to take her to the airport at 5:30 am. Empty Coors beer carton left on kitchen counter.


11/4/1978 San Jose

34 year-old woman, 1 year-old child (undisturbed). Description unavailable. Weapon: knife. Bound victim and gagged and blindfolded her with torn strips of towel. Lubricated himself with baby lotion. Attacker used the phrase "All I want is food and money."


12/2/1978 San Jose

Woman and man. Description: navy blue nylon jacket, ski mask, gloves, 20-30 years old. Weapon: gun and knife. Victims bound with shoelaces, blindfolded and gagged with torn strips of towel. Dishes stacked on male's back.Told female "I've been watching you a long time [victim's name]."After first assault EAR was heard in kitchen sobbing, sayng “You motherfucker. Motherfucker.” Returned to kitchen after assaulting her again and sobbed for 3-5 minutes. EAR ate a box of Nabisco crackers, took 70 dollars, 6 of Coors beer, male victim's gold nugget wedding ring, and a GE digital clock radio.


12/9/1978 Danville

32 year-old woman. Description: ski mask, dark blue windbreaker, 5' 9"-5'11", 150-160 pounds, brown hair, rough, callused hands, 24-26 years old. Weapon: knife. EAR switched on a globe lamp beside victim's bed and possibly left fingerprints. Bloodhounds brought to the scene reacted unusually excitedly, possibly indicating heavy drug use or other physical abnormality in the suspect. Dogs tracked scent to a side road near some railroad tracks where scent was lost. At this spot investigators found three sheets of notebook paper: "Punishment map", "Custer essay", and "Mad is the Word" essay. EAR took victim's driver’s license, one ring, an antique stickpin, and two pendants.



3/20/1979 Rancho Cordova

Woman, two 12 year-old children (both undisturbed). Description: nylon stocking mask, soft leather gloves, 6', 180 pounds. Weapon: knife. EAR woke victim and punched her in face when she screamed. Told her “All I want is your fucking money. I won’t hurt you if you shut up.” Victim bound with nylon tent cord from her garage, gagged with scarf from dresser, threw bed comforter over her head, no sexual assault-victim speculated possibly due to scar on her back, or possibly left due to child's alarm clock going off. Suspect took around 3,000 dollars worth of jewelry.


4/4/1979 Fremont

27 year-old woman, man. Description: dark ski mask, dark nylon parka, dark pants, baggy checkered brown socks, dirty white tennis shoes, 5' 8"-5' 10", 165-180 pounds, 25-35 years old. Weapon: gun and knife. Bound female with shoelaces, tied male with shoelaces, electrical cord, neckties, and pantyhose, gagged with strip of towel, blankets over head. EAR took 1,600 dollars, only half of what he could have taken.


6/2/1979 Walnut Creek

17 year-old girl, two small children (undisturbed). Description: white mask, 5' 6". Weapon: hunting knife in sheath. Victim was babysitting at the home for the first time in two months. Victim bound with plastic flex-cuffs, blindfolded with strip of towel, gagged with pantyhose. EAR bit victim on breast. Ransacked house, demanded money but never asked where it was. Victim had received crank calls both at home and at babysitting locations.


6/11/1979 Danville

35 year-old woman and man, 5 year-old child (undisturbed). Description: 5' 5"-5' 9", 20-30 years old, light brown, soft bodied hair, appeared stocky (possibly due to sweater). Weapon: gun. EAR woke the victims with flashlight, told them “As soon as you give us money, I’ll go back to the city.” Bound victims, placed perfume bottles on male's back. Shoe impressions matching Adidas "Tobacco" shoes, size 9 1/2 found in area yards.


6/25/1979 Walnut Creek

13 year-old girl. Victim's father and 16 year-old sister undisturbed. Description: homemade mask of gauze or cheesecloth type material, Adidas running shorts, light colored t-shirt, 6', well-built, 25-30 years old. Victim bound with white twine. EAR never left victim's bedroom to ransack, etc. EAR used the puzzling phrase  “Let it drop easy” or “Give me a good drop or I’ll kill you.” Only stayed about 20 minutes. Bloodhound used at prior attacks caught suspect's scent before entering home, followed it to same spot it was lost at 6/2/79 attack. Victim had received a number of crank calls afternoon of attack.


7/5/1979 Danville

Woman and man, (aborted attack). Description: Mask, possibly homemade, wool or similar material, dark nylon or vinyl jacket with yellow lettering over left breast possibly spelling "corn" or "coach", 5' 10"- 6', 160 pounds, wiry build, square shoulders, boyish face, light colored eyes described as deep set and wide open but sleepy. Male awoke, saw EAR slipping mask over his head, confronted him, surprising attacker, and allowing female to escape the home. Once female was out of harm's way male left house as well. Bloodhound tracked suspect's scent from back gate to patch of ivy at end of court, then to a greenbelt area.


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East Area Rapist Attacks
East Area Rapist Attacks
East Area Rapist Attacks